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Dude...I so rule.

So check this out...I’m surfing the station network (what? I didn’t get caught...yes, beloved spouse, I’m talking to you, it’s harmless) when I locate this errant radio signal and I track it back to Earth, right? Took some tweaking, but...

Know what? It’s not important.

Bottom line is, I found this community, and it’s totally secure. Apparently the SGC already knows about it, and didn’t tell us working shlubs back in Pegasus about it. Ain’t that about a bitch? Anyway...name’s Jim Riley, rank is Major. I’m tall as shit, got a big goddamn mouth, and I get into a lot of trouble. I’m also married to the perfect woman...Aedeline Riley, nee Sorokin. She’s blonde, she’s hot, smart, funny, sweet...adorable when she’s drunk off her gourd...and she’s all MINE. We fight a lot, deal with tons of bullshit, most of it mine, but we get through it.

Currently, we’re both stationed on Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy. She’s straight military, and so am I. We both work with John Sheppard’s team a fair amount, but I also do some medical work. I’m a doctor, so I also play in house physician. Keller’s in charge, I just do her bidding...it’s pretty cool, actually. She’s terriffic...lets me play with nanites in my spare time and doesn’t get pissed when I tweak the station wiring. That’s one thing to know about me: I get bored REAL freaking easy, so I amuse myself as best I can. Gets me into a lot of trouble...especially with Mike gone.

That’s the biggest thing to know about me: I’m an identical twin. My baby brother’s name is Mike...I’m older by thirty minutes, shut it. He’s stationed with me? But he’s not around...after the wedding, he eventually took some time off to go hang with his girlfriend on the mainland. She’s an Athosian...check your database for info on the culture. He thought it was best...maybe it is? But it’s hard...I miss him a lot. Thank God for Addie, that’s all I’ll say.

Anyway, I can hear her yelling for me already...gonna go neck my way outta whatever I did wrong tonight. Later, peeps!

Muse: Major Jim Riley
Fandom: Stargate ATLANTIS
Words: 373
Jim needed time to think...time to work through the long and the short of it. Facts were facts, and the cerebellum just didn't fit into a ventricle, no matter how big the heart was. No matter how small the brain. He followed his gut a lot of the time...but ultimately, Jim was a cerebral man.

Mike wasn't...brain cells didn't get in the way of right and wrong for him, and Jim envied that about his twin. It was the one reason Jim had refused to test his IQ for so long...no matter how intelligent he was, Mike would always be the smarter one.

Trading shifts with Jess Halvan, Jim took the day off without telling anyone...just thought about things. The way Addie had walked away from him the night before...the things Mike had said to him. He ran it all through his brain, up one side and down the other and let himself get as analytical as he wanted to.

Then he took a good, hard look through his gut...and he knew that Mike was right. Right on levels he had no idea he was right...correct about Jim being wrong, Addie being right, and just what an ass Jim truly was.

So after wasting half the day thinking about things he should have known already, Jim used his free time a little more productively.

The first item on his agenda took no time...breaking into Mike's quarters and leaving a flask of some whiskey he'd picked up offworld. The both of them were crazy about it, and Jim had one bottle left. Mike had used his up a while ago...the second thing Jim did was download at least three or four different obstetrics libraries off the medical mainframe to his personal computer, then rearrange his schedule for the next three weeks to leave at least two or three afternoons open within the next two weeks. Mike didn't know it yet, and Jim wouldn't tell him...but it was another gift that Jim could give him. Ten times better than any damn booze.

The rest of his list took a little more time...but it was time well spent. At least Jim hoped so...he didn't know if it would be enough, if it would matter...but the ring around his finger was proof that he had the rest of his life to spend making up his mistakes to her.

So he didn't come home when his shift was supposed to end. He relied on the stability of Addie's routine and didn't bother to buzz her and let her know he'd be home late, praying that for once she was pissed enough not to come looking for him.

Instead of just coming home, he rang the chime instead...knowing she was home, hoping she didn't wait too long to answer because he'd need aspirin later if she did.

When she answered the door, she found Jim outside...down on one knee with a big bouquet of exotic red blossoms, decorated tastefully with a bag of peanut M&M's...her favorite candy. In his other hand was a DVD he never thought he'd be holding...at least willingly.

"Do you love me enough to forgive me?" he asked simply. "Because if you are..." He paused, heaving a mock dramatic sigh. "Then I am willing to sit through a Steve Carrel movie, and I know you love LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE...this is how much I love you, baby. For you, I am willing to walk through the valley of played out comedians."

Grinning he got to his feet and handed her the flowers...then reached out to cradle her cheek in his hand and pull her in to kiss her...and man, did kissing her feel good. He was used to kissing her whenever he wanted, and he hadn't been able to lately...

Breaking the kiss, he nuzzled his nose against hers. "Now...I know you ain't said anything yet in the way of an 'okay, I forgive you'...but a man smarter 'n me suggested I do that, and I think he was right. And all else I'm gonna say on the problem at hand? Is just that...'I'm sorry.' And everything else? It doesn't matter." Tucking the DVD under his arm, he took her face between his hands.

"This is all that matters." he whispered, resting his forehead against hers. "This is all I need...I think I just got too goofball there to remember that."
The air was cool outside, cool and moist like sea air was meant to be. It felt good on his skin...stretched too tight from too many days of sickness, inactivity. He was breaking all his own rules about being sick, but he hardly cared...no shoes, no jacket, nothing but a wifebeater and jeans to protect him from the evening chill.

Jim liked his place, perched on the balcony railing in the far reaches of the city...nowhere out of comm range, but far enough out that he wasn't likely to be bothered. The ambient light was low enough to give him a killer view of the stars, and even as he sat there with his guitar in his lap he was mentally charting them...getting ready to jot down some new formations later when he hit the books again.

He was thinking too much, though...that's why he'd picked up his guitar. His own damn brain was driving him crazy, and music helped with it. The thoughts just drove themselves into the right channels...turned idle hands into productive ones, stopped his own reason and rationale from ripping him apart from the inside out.

Sometimes he hated the things his brain could do.

Strength in numbers
Me plus you
Don't know much else
But I know that's true
No storm alive I can't see through
Thought I was strong
Till I met you

Jim let the notes die on the air, frowning thoughtfully for a moment as he tilted his head, letting the last G chord fade into nothing. A beat later, he grinned and dissolved into laughter. It sucked ass, and he'd never even write it down...it was corny and silly, and he'd been thinking about Addie when he sang it.

Still, it was a nice, concise organization of everything he was thinking and feeling. So what if his feelings were the stuff that hokey Eighties power ballads were made of? At least his head felt a little clearer for it. Took him two hours of sitting outside and strumming his guitar to get there...but his stance and his stupidity sat in his head in a much different light. Loving her...wanting a family...bothered that she *didn't* want a family...it bothered him less now. Hopefully, he could get that through to her and smooth things out so that he wouldn't have to sleep on the couch or something when he got back to their quarters...

His laughter died as he frowned, taking stock of his chilled skin and his nose...just a little bit numb, sans booze. He'd been outside for a while...longer than a couple of hours. The sky was pretty dark at this point, too, given the light of the stars and the angle of the moon...yeah, he was deader than dead for being out this late. He'd lost track of time...

Lifting his head from where it rested back against the wall, Jim cursed softly under his breath as he swung his guitar off his lap and prepared to slide off the railing and back onto the balcony when a soft noise distracted him. Turning his head, he saw that he wasn't alone...and hadn't been for a while, given the way Addie was huddled in on herself, hair loose and a track jacket thrown on over her pajamas.

Grinning, Jim swung his legs around so they hung down off the railing while he sat there, guitar still in hand. His free hand he lifted in a silencing gesture. "Okay...if you were standing there when that crappy lyric came out? Hall and Oates briefly took possession of my body. Just get me an old priest and a young priest and I'll be fine. Promise."

[RP] I want so much more...

It was kinda late and Addie was on duty. Jim had nothing to do but sit around and think, and he hadn't been off world in a week thanks to a nasty upper respiratory infection. Sitting around being sick was giving him a lot of time to think...maybe too much.

And realizing just how ready he was for the next step...it was a revelation he'd only mentioned to Mike in passing. And now he had this...well, awesome secret, so he couldn't talk to Mike. At all. Not in a million years.

So when Addie replied from her station again, Jim shoved his feet into a pair of sneakers and left their quarters to head for the gate room. Her shift still had an hour to go, and he was well on the road to recovery so he didn't bother with a jacket.

He was being stupid, and he knew he was being stupid...just a little. It ran through his head over and over as he found the nearest transporter and stepped in, hitting the console to take him to the gate room. It wasn't fair of him to keep harping on the subject, and he was self-aware enough to know that the bugs that got up his ass eventually went away.

And this one would, too...just not in that way.

Kids was something he knew he wanted, and would always want. But he and Addie...they'd never discussed it in depth. It was enough to have Addie, Jim knew what a lucky son of a bitch he was...but there was more of her that he still wanted. A kid...it fit. It was the final piece of her that he craved...the ultimate piece of himself that he could give her.

So she had reasons...he wanted to hear them. Right now.

Reaching the gate room, Jim blithely strolled up to Addie's station and hopped up lightly to perch on the edge of the console. He waited for a couple of moments, catching his breath before speaking.

"For the record: you're right. Public venue...my bad. You're on duty and I couldn't wait." he apologized bluntly. "But now that I'm here...what're your reasons?"

[TM] 164 - What are you waiting for?


I’m waiting for the right time to talk to my brother about moving.

It’s been a little while, and the signs are all there...I know if I ask Addie to marry me, she’ll do it. But getting married means living together...and that means moving out.

Mike and I shared a room growing up. After Ma killed herself and Dad took off, we were raised together in an orphanage. We’ve been roommates our whole adult life...and on Atlantis, we requested to be doubled up in quarters assignments. It’s hard to remember the times in our lives when we’ve actually been apart.

But that’s the fuck of having a twin, too, y’know? I’m waiting to have a sitdown about this...but I know I don’t need to. He knows.

It’s little things...like the fact that he’s started infringing on my space. I have a solid two feet of clean space overflowing onto my side of the room now. It’s horrific, I can’t find a lot of my crap. He’s taken to storing some of his stuff on my side of the room, too...he’s creeping in like a cancer. Then again, he *is* my baby brother...

He’s also gone a lot. And I mean a *lot.* And he won’t tell me about the reason why.

I know he’s seeing someone on the mainland. He knows I know. It’s a thing...we know, but we still tell. It’s a courtesy...a bonding thing, if you wanna get picky. And now he’s not telling me anything. We have these separate lives that are developing...and it’s a little scary.

We’re twins, I get it, but he’s a half hour younger than me and goddamnit...I don’t want my baby brother to grow up. It’s stupid...but that’s kinda how I’m feeling. Like he doesn’t need me anymore. I’ve always taken care of him...always.

So I’m waiting...maybe less for the right time, and more so that time doesn’t come.

I guess...I just don’t want it to be over.


Muse: Jim Riley
Fandom: Stargate: ATLANTIS
Words: 342
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Muse: Jim Riley
Fandom: Stargate ATLANTIS
Words: 453 (w/o lyrics)

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