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[TM] 164 - What are you waiting for?


I’m waiting for the right time to talk to my brother about moving.

It’s been a little while, and the signs are all there...I know if I ask Addie to marry me, she’ll do it. But getting married means living together...and that means moving out.

Mike and I shared a room growing up. After Ma killed herself and Dad took off, we were raised together in an orphanage. We’ve been roommates our whole adult life...and on Atlantis, we requested to be doubled up in quarters assignments. It’s hard to remember the times in our lives when we’ve actually been apart.

But that’s the fuck of having a twin, too, y’know? I’m waiting to have a sitdown about this...but I know I don’t need to. He knows.

It’s little things...like the fact that he’s started infringing on my space. I have a solid two feet of clean space overflowing onto my side of the room now. It’s horrific, I can’t find a lot of my crap. He’s taken to storing some of his stuff on my side of the room, too...he’s creeping in like a cancer. Then again, he *is* my baby brother...

He’s also gone a lot. And I mean a *lot.* And he won’t tell me about the reason why.

I know he’s seeing someone on the mainland. He knows I know. It’s a thing...we know, but we still tell. It’s a courtesy...a bonding thing, if you wanna get picky. And now he’s not telling me anything. We have these separate lives that are developing...and it’s a little scary.

We’re twins, I get it, but he’s a half hour younger than me and goddamnit...I don’t want my baby brother to grow up. It’s stupid...but that’s kinda how I’m feeling. Like he doesn’t need me anymore. I’ve always taken care of him...always.

So I’m waiting...maybe less for the right time, and more so that time doesn’t come.

I guess...I just don’t want it to be over.


Muse: Jim Riley
Fandom: Stargate: ATLANTIS
Words: 342