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Dude...I so rule.

So check this out...I’m surfing the station network (what? I didn’t get caught...yes, beloved spouse, I’m talking to you, it’s harmless) when I locate this errant radio signal and I track it back to Earth, right? Took some tweaking, but...

Know what? It’s not important.

Bottom line is, I found this community, and it’s totally secure. Apparently the SGC already knows about it, and didn’t tell us working shlubs back in Pegasus about it. Ain’t that about a bitch? Anyway...name’s Jim Riley, rank is Major. I’m tall as shit, got a big goddamn mouth, and I get into a lot of trouble. I’m also married to the perfect woman...Aedeline Riley, nee Sorokin. She’s blonde, she’s hot, smart, funny, sweet...adorable when she’s drunk off her gourd...and she’s all MINE. We fight a lot, deal with tons of bullshit, most of it mine, but we get through it.

Currently, we’re both stationed on Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy. She’s straight military, and so am I. We both work with John Sheppard’s team a fair amount, but I also do some medical work. I’m a doctor, so I also play in house physician. Keller’s in charge, I just do her bidding...it’s pretty cool, actually. She’s terriffic...lets me play with nanites in my spare time and doesn’t get pissed when I tweak the station wiring. That’s one thing to know about me: I get bored REAL freaking easy, so I amuse myself as best I can. Gets me into a lot of trouble...especially with Mike gone.

That’s the biggest thing to know about me: I’m an identical twin. My baby brother’s name is Mike...I’m older by thirty minutes, shut it. He’s stationed with me? But he’s not around...after the wedding, he eventually took some time off to go hang with his girlfriend on the mainland. She’s an Athosian...check your database for info on the culture. He thought it was best...maybe it is? But it’s hard...I miss him a lot. Thank God for Addie, that’s all I’ll say.

Anyway, I can hear her yelling for me already...gonna go neck my way outta whatever I did wrong tonight. Later, peeps!

Muse: Major Jim Riley
Fandom: Stargate ATLANTIS
Words: 373