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Jim left the computer and slipped out of his quarters as Aedeline got into a comment conversation, grinning as he made a beeline for a balcony on one of the outer terraces in the city where he'd seen some unusual blossoms growing. They weren't like anything from Earth, resembling orchids but they had blood red petals...and even *he* had to admit they smelled amazing. He'd only seen them in two or three places, and knew that Addie had once made a crack about how nice they were.

It took a few minutes, but he got his act together and planted himself outside her quarters, knocking incessantly until she came to the door to wave it open on her side. Naturally, it took a few minutes because she was waiting for him to get bored and just let himself in, as she usually did.

Not tonight...he was groveling. And it was going to be *fun.*

When she finally opened the door, she was face to face with what had to be two dozen of the striking red blossoms, framing Jim's face on either side as he held both bunches of flowers just under his chin.

"Now I ask you...can I grovel or can I grovel?" he quipped, smile instantly dropping so he could give her his best wounded puppy expression.
"No jive." Jim laughed, shaking his head as he stared at his computer screen.

Mike looked up from the book he was reading on his bed. "Quoi?"

"No jive...Addie. Slither, man...lush and lusher." Jim replied with a snicker, gesturing to his monitor as he stood and crossed the room. "Noting you, man...told her. Where the fuck's my boots?"

"I'm wearing 'em." Mike snorted, waving one of his feet pointedly. "Grab mine...under the bed."

Falling to the ground smoothly in a modified pushup, Jim snatched Mike's boots from underneath and stood again, tugging on one then the other. "Don't wait up, 'kay?"

"Don't let her fill up your inbox."


"Love you, too."

Grinning, Jim finished tying the lace on his boot, walked over and unashamedly bent over to drop a kiss atop Mike's head, earning him a scowl. "Sweet dreams, little man."

"Oh, eat shit." Mike grumbled, reaching up to pat Jim's shoulder affectionately in return before Jim headed for the door and strode out of their quarters.

Within about four minutes, Jim was waving himself into Addie's quarters, grinning at the sight that lay before him. "Oh. My. Lord. How fucking sauced *are* you, Addie?!"

Nicked from no_russianbride

Every time I come outta lockup, I turn into a total homebody. So? No shift 'til tomorrow night, and I just finished the encyclopedias again...

Addie, Quizmaster...lead on!

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It was the perfect night...Mike was offworld until the next day, they both had a day off, and he was still sporting a nice split lip and eyebrow from the fight he'd gotten into with Lieutenant Fraser a couple days before. Jim wasn't a jealous man, but the fact that Fraser had grabbed Addie's ass and it bothered her enough to tell Jim about it was enough reason to seek the guy out for a friendly chat.

Fraser threw the first punch...Jim just made sure he threw the last.

Luckily, Addie hadn't been around for the brawl, and thought that his defense of her honor was sweet. So they had dinner, listened to some music...talked, which led to teasing, which led to an impromptu chase around his quarters and ended with some of the best sex Jim had ever had. He woke up a couple times during the night, and both times had been the same...watching Addie sleep for a little while, head pillowed on his chest, hair fanned out and just close enough for him to toy with until he drifted off again.

Jim hadn't thought about asking a girl to marry him since his fiancee...but Addie was making him think twice about his notion of swearing off the American Dream so quickly. Still...she didn't know the whole story, and he wouldn't even broach the topic until she knew what the hell she was getting into. Even Mother Tess had known...hell, maybe that's why she'd dumped him for God.

Before falling asleep the last time, just after Mike had returned and crashed in his own bed without saying a word, Jim decided to tell her in the morning. Tell her everything...maybe in the peaceful, early-morning quiet, it would soften the blow. Maybe she'd be sleepy enough not to care.

The sun wasn't even up when the MP's sounded the chime.

Mike was gone, and Addie was stirring drowsily. Soothing her back to sleep, Jim slid out of bed and pulled on some sweats before heading to the door and waving it open to find three Marines at his door, demanding he accompany them to Dr. Weir's office after a brief, quiet explanation of what was happening.

He woke Mike first, dragging him sleepily into the hall.

"Twenty, Kid?" Mike mumbled blearily, rubbing his eyes.

Jim was shaking as he rubbed a hand over his features, absently scratching his bare chest. "Ten to twenty, baby brother...Fraser's dead. They think I got the goddamn candlestick."

Mike came instantly awake. "Colonel Mustard..."

"No! I didn't do it, Michael. I roughed him up two days ago, and that was *it.* Pencils and paper, it's all biting me in the ass."

"Jesus, Jimmy..."

"Hey...hey, look at me!" Jim hissed, laying a hand on his twin's shoulder. "Hold it together, okay? You gotta tell it to her plain, man...before The Grapevine does."

It was with that extracted promise that Jim went with the MP's, and later to the brig, and Addie woke up alone to find Michael sitting on the edge of his own bed, head in his hands.

It was also the only time that Mike had ever broken his word to his twin by telling Addie nothing of what Jim wanted her to know...only that a man was dead, and that Jim was a suspect because of a previous criminal record.

That had been early that morning, and Jim was still in the Atlantian holding cell, scrutinizing the bars and panels to pass the time. They would give him nothing to read, nothing to do but think...and Jim couldn't think too much because that just might drive him insane.

"Riley! Got a visitor!"

Jim's head snapped up as he moved desperately towards the bars of his cell...and felt the bottom of his stomach drop out when Aedeline came into his line of vision.

And by the look on her face...Jim knew in his gut that Mike hadn't told her anything.

"Addie..." he breathed, dark eyes stricken. "Baby...what're you doin' down here?"
Pick a band or musician and answer the questions with song titles.

Band/Musician: KISS

1. are you male or female?: I Am Just A Boy

2. describe yourself?: All American Man, Dark Light, Thief In The Night

3. how would other people describe you?: Two Timer, Mr. Speed, God Of Thunder, Got Love For Sale

4. describe your main interests: Sweet Pain, Great Expectations

5. how do you feel about yourself?: Parasite, Hotter Than Hell

6. where would you rather be?: Psycho Circus

7. describe how you live: Let Me Go (Rock 'n Roll), My Way

8. describe how you love: Love Her All I Can, Easy As It Seems

9. share a few words of wisdom: God Gave Rock 'N Roll To You II, Turn On The Night


Ripped off from no_russianbride

I'm bored again and I'm officially sick of Emerson. I know...who'd a thunk it? Plus Zalenka banned me from messing with the Jumpers anymore, so...blame the hormones. I'll do anything just 'cause a cute little Ruskie babe does it, too.

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[TM RDX] Summer Memory

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Muse: Jim Riley
Fandom: Stargate:Atlantis/SG1
Words: 511

[TM RDX RP] (Almost) Blind Date

"Sweet as sugar."

"Bite me."

"Ass over teacup, Kid." Mike laughed, leaning back against one wall with his arms folded as he watched Jim finish unpacking the stuff he'd stolen from the mess hall for his dinner date with Corporal Sorokin.

"Blow, Mikey...barely a tick." Jim protested. "Skirt has no skirt to chase."


"You think you're so goddamn smart, don't you?" Jim groused, straightening as he smoothed a hand over his black t-shirt, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans as he stepped back, surveying the small picnic dinner he'd set up on the patio. "Bonnie?"

"Dia Dhiut, you are SUCH a chick." Mike muttered.

Jim promptly moved over and slapped him upside the head. "Bonnie, *bitch?*"

"OW!! Yeah, yeah, it looks great!" Mike yelped, scowling at his brother.

"Good...then scram."

"Gonna sleep with her?"

"Yes. Soon as she'll let me." Jim snickered, shrugging as he turned to face his twin. "Whatcha think? We look good?"

Mike made a face, smacking Jim upside the head. "Try cutting our hair once in a while, will you? Yer gettin' shaggy. And people can actually tell us apart."

"Almost." Jim smirked.

"Whatever...just don't expect me to stay out tonight, huh? You wanna get laid, go back to her place."

"Whatever." Jim snorted, grinning as Mike silently took his leave.

Jim turned back to the simple, but hopefully romantic setup he had going. If nothing else, growing up with nothing had taught him the errors of trying to impress a girl on a first date with a lot of flash or panache...simple usually worked best, especially when Mother Nature did all the work, and work she did tonight...with a cool breeze coming off the ocean and a couldless sky, allowing for a stunning view of the stars, Jim was pretty sure he'd get a kiss good night, at the very least.

But he was fairly sure he'd be getting laid.
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Muse: Maj. Jim Riley
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis/SG1
Words: 625